“Oh my God, words hurt worse than anything”: Jennifer Weiner talks journalism, body image and brushing off the “you’re no Jonathan Franzen!” trolls

Jennifer Weiner may just be the busiest woman in publishing right now. Just last month, she released her first children’s book, “The Littlest Bigfoot,” a

The Kanye-Bowie connection: “It’s songs about fame and about decadence, about this dissolute life and how you’re quite unhappy”

One of the most important but also briefly lived chapters in rock history was glam, the primarily British movement that produced David Bowie, Roxy Music,

“Mulan” is not a romance: Even with an all-Asian cast, Disney’s live-action remake could still miss the mark

On the heels of NBC’s “Mail-Order Family” fiasco, followed by a startlingly racist segment of “Watters’ World,” came word that the live-action version of “Mulan”

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